Please send a Resume with professional experience.

Tell us about the Projects in which you participated.


Must have ( one of the list ):
● 3+ years of C++ software development
● 3+ years of Objective C / Swift software development
● 3+ years of Java ( Android ) development
● 3+ years of UE4 ( C++ ) development
Nice to have:
● Crossplatform dev. (Mac OS X, Linux, Android, Windows)
● C++ Builder, Qt, Visual C++, C#, Python
● Good experience with debugging tools, multithreading
● Knowledge of 3D graphics OpenGL/OpenGLES/Direct3D/Vulkan
● Understanding of the principles of working with UE4, Unity
● APIs and SDKs: POSIX, Win32 API
● Experience with Linux kernel / Hypervisor
● Device driver programming
● GUI development, XML
● Technical English


Must have ( one of the list ):
● 3+ years of C/C++ firmware development (ARM-based MCUs)
● 3+ years of C/ASM firmware development (DSP / FPGA)
● 5+ years of C/C++ embedded firmware development (Linux/Unix)
● 3+ years of Analog/Digital circuit/PCB design (Electronic CADs)
● 4+ years of IoT development and wireless protocols
Nice to have:
● Knowledge in Altium Designer, OrCAD, EasyEDA etc 
● Knowledge in Verilog/VHDL (Altera / Xilinx)
● Understanding of multithreading and TCP/IP networking
● Development of complex and power-efficient solutions for SoC
● Understanding of hardware architecture (ARM, DSP, FPGA)
● Embedded software development, RTOS and peripheral drivers
● Understanding of embedded interfaces (SPI, UART, CAN, I2C)
● Expert in LoRa, Bluetooth, WiFi, ZigBee
● USB Protocol (USB-HID, Device/Host, USB Audio/MIDI)


Must have:
● Excellent analytical, algorithmic and optimization skills
● Mathematical modeling with Matlab/Mathematica/Mathcad/Maple
● Signal and data processing
Nice to have:
● Motion Tracking Theory
● Numerical Optimization Methods
● Digital filter development
● Adaptive lattice filters
● Experience with cryptography (AES / ECDSA / etc)
● Simulink simulation and modeling
● Linear Algebra, Vector and Matrix Theory
● Neural Networks Theory
● Numerical methods in physics and radioelectronics
● Theory of probability and random processes
● 3D mathematics, Quaternion calculus


Kyiv, Kharkiv


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It's impossible to know everything. Describe your real experience! It's important to be an expert in your profession.
Contact person - Gennadiy Zhuga, CEO.